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About Us

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Matthew: 5,6)
About us

EUJUS lawyers’ priority is to understand the commercial objectives of the clients, advising and updating them quickly and effectively with the ever-changing rules. Based in Brussels, with its lawyers also in Milan and Rome, EUJUS’s managing partner enjoys of impressive personal contacts in numerous law firms worldwide to be able to properly advice the clients everywhere they face a problem.
The law firms members of the network must share EUJUS total commitment to the clients’ needs that always come first.
Last but not least, unlike other law firms, EUJUS remains accountable vis-à-vis its client on how the network law firms bill and work.
And this is a real plus for our clients whose references are available on request.

The no-frills law firm

Going beyond the traditional law firm concept, EUJUS has developed a newly pragmatic and costs efficient business model bearing in mind the interests of its clients: under the responsibility of the managing partner, highly specialised Of Counsel attorneys do intervene (ad hoc) on a case-by-case basis to assist the client on specific issues. By this way, the client is sure to pay only the costs related to the activities carried out in his interests by the chosen attorney, with no need to cover overhead/team costs, or expensive oversized offices, or yearly global partners’ compensations.

The affordable & friendly law firm

While many law firms apply a “one-size-fits-all” model to every case, we understand that every case, every client and therefore every fee structure are unique. Thus, at EUJUS we strongly believe that legal fees should always fit the case and, first, it should fit the client.
Once engaged, we think about each case as if we were the client working as “in house lawyers” and we see our clients as friends who need our help. Whereas most law firms often have large cadres of associates who are focused on maximizing billable hours and generating fees, our one lawyer/small teams is/are dedicated to one thing: getting the result with no useless activities like writing lengthy notes and memoranda that the client will never read. Our fee arrangements are based on the notion that our compensation is tied to our clients’ success. Their win is our win too.
At EUJUS, fees are commonly structured in one of these ways:

1. Consultation Fee: we charge an upfront fee, usually on a flat rate basis, to meet with our people and determine whether s/he will be able to assist you with your legal issues and supply you with a first legal strategy.
2. Hourly Rate: we charge a per hour rate, and usually tracks the time in fractions of an hour (4th of an hour / 15 minute increments, below 15 minutes we do not charge anything).
3. Cap fee: The firm bills by the hour for its services; however, it agrees that the charges will not exceed the pre-determined cap without the client’s written permission. This may be combined with a success fee agreement.
4. Contingency Fee: our fee is capped to a maximum amount; to this there could be an additional fee based on a percentage of the amount of the matter.
5. Flat Fee: we charge a flat fee for certain types of legal matters. These are usually relatively simple cases or legal opinion.
6. Statutory Fee: we charge statutory and mandatory by law fees for judiciary cases.

The solution-oriented law firm

Understanding the client side of the business and find practical solutions: at EUJUS we are minded to look for real life solution to solve your problem and make you life easier. We always want to provide our clients with as clear and effective a solution as humanly possible. Famous professors are for large universities and very sophisticated and complex academic topics while EUJUS efficient and pragmatic lawyers are for business.